Friday, December 21, 2007

Harrods Gets the Golden Touch

Laban Roomes with investor James Caan (centre) and Harrods owner, Mohamed Al Fayed

In addition to celebrating an investment from BBC2's Dragon's Den, businessman Laban Roomes is ecstatic about signing a deal with exclusive retailers, Harrods.

Laban, whose gold plating business, 'Goldgenie' won a £60,000 investment from equity boss James Caan, has a range of luxurious 24-carat gold plated items such as iPods on sale in the top store.

As part of the contract with Harrods, 'Goldgenie' products will be available for purchase through their store and online shop later this month.

Roomes, 38, originally from Leytonstone, in east London, has done high profile work for clients such as the Emmy Awards in the US. Goldgenie was responsible for the gold plating of the awards that went to Helen Mirren and Denzel Washington.

Ethics are also important to Goldgenie, which donates a percentage of their profits to a Ugandan mining charity. They are striving to secure 'ethical gold' status for the mines of Uganda, ensuring that miners work in safe and sanitary conditions.

Laban said of the contract with Harrods, "We are of course delighted to be associated with such high end retailers as Harrods, and to know that when I first started my company the ultimate goal was to have my products selling from this iconic store, is amazing."

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