Thursday, December 20, 2007

A 'can of worms' called New Orleans Pt.1

Hurricane Katrina

The Superdome

The 9th Ward

Just mention the name New Orleans to a Black American and their blood pressure immediately starts rising. I know mine does!
Doesn't it seem like every time you turn around there's another issue in New Orleans? The people of New Orleans just can't seem to get a break, can they?

The city of New Orleans has always had a history riddled with scandals (don't even get me started on the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927), racism, violence and poverty, but when Hurricane Katrina swept down she opened up a 'can of worms' that left many Americans with a 'bad taste in their mouth.'

Worm #1: The governments' (local and state) pure incompetence in providing emergency aid, shelter and protection. Everyone in power seemed to be clueless about what was going on and who was doing what. Meanwhile, 'the forgotten ones" are up in the Superdome fighting for their lives.

Worm #2: Those shoddy levees broke. The Army Corps of Engineer spent millions of tax dollars to build flawed levees that ended up causing people to lose their lives, lose every single thing they own and billions of dollars of damage.

Worm #3: FEMA and the military's response. It took them almost a week to show up. I'm sorry, but that's way beyond C.P. Time! Once again, 'the forgotten ones,' trying to survive, are either stranded at the Superdome, stranded on top of their roof, drowning or trying to cross that highway. Oh, did I mention they were thirsty,starving and hot as hell. Meanwhile, "Brownie" is getting the "good job" pat on his back and the 'Black-Hawks' are dropping water from the sky.

Worm #4: The Exodus. The government separated families and loaded them up on buses going in every direction. Need I say more.

Worm #5: Reconstruction. The majority of New Orleans is still in shambles and unlivable, thanks to the slow effort being made by all levels of government, contracting corruption and unjustified bull-dozing. Just thinking about the 9th Ward brings a tear to my eye.

Worm #6: The Return. Many New Orleans natives would love to come home, but once again, many of their neighborhoods are unlivable. No sanitation, no water, no electricity, no school and no jobs= no return. Pure economic peril. The latest twist in this tragedy is the controversy stemming from HUD wanting to demolish 4,500 public housing units and rebuild it as a mixed income neighborhood. HUD Homes says they have good intentions, but many residents don't believe it.

Please forgive me while I get deep.

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gingerbaby350 said...

The bible talks about the "last days". This event is a sign.
I pray for endurance for all those involved in this event.
This is just the beginning.
God help us all.