Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Aviator, Barrington Irving Honored by Congress

Barrington Irving, a pilot in Miami, finally received the national recognition he deserves from the U.S. House of Representatives. Congress unanimously passed a resolution honoring the 23-year-old Miami Gardens resident as the youngest person and first black -- ever recorded to fly around the world solo. Museums around the U.S. are being urged to commemorate this achievement.

Irving's historical 26,000-mile journey began in March, after convincing friends, politicians and corporate sponsors to believe in his aviation dream. Flying a plane named Inspiration, Irving accumulated thousands of fans who followed him on his blog and flight tracker. Teachers across the nation even taught geography lessons based on his travels. Irving has already received recognition from Miami and his early childhood home Jamaica.

''It's just so humbling to know that something that started so small is now being recognized across the nation,'' Irving said. `But, no matter, what the greatest award will always be the impact that I've made on youth and teaching them they can do or be anything.''

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