Thursday, January 24, 2008

African -American Designs for Hermès

Kermit Oliver's Marquis De Lafayette scarf for Hermès.

Respected artist Kermit Oliver was painting by day and sorting mail at night. Now that he has designed the Marquis De Lafayette scarf for high-end brand Hermès, he may be able to tell the post office buh-bye!
The scarf is bursting with bold colors, images of De Lafayette with historical and symbolic figures. Lafayette is famous for being a French military officer who renounced his title and joined the American Revolution. The beautiful silk scarf has grabbed the attention of Vogue magazine and is even displayed at the New York Historical Society's "French Founding Fathers" exhibit.

Oliver who's been an artist for over 40 years, is from Texas and the child of working cowboy parents. Inspired by his rural Texas upbringing and mythology, religion and history studies, his art reflects a blend of nature, mythology, classical and contemporary. He has had numerous successful art exhibitions in Texas, many of his exhibits at Hooks-Epstein Galleries . Oliver studied art at Texas Southern University and graduated with a BFA and teaching degrees.
Kermit Oliver's Tobias

I must admit, ever since Oprah had her discrimination debacle with Hermès I haven't bought a thing from them. But now that they have commissioned an African -American who also happens to be the first American to design their scarves, which is a big step for them... I guess I can call a truce!

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