Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 Fashionable Brothers= Bogosse

Fabrice and Patrick Tardieu
(Photo:Gary James,Source:Ocean Drive)

Not only are these two Haitian brothers handsome, they're intelligent, have great style and are in business together. Brothers, Fabrice and Patrick Tardieu have a high fashion men's line called Bogosse. . "The name comes from the french term beau gosse, meaning 'handsome guy' explains Patrick , Bogosse CEO and former captain of the Haitian national soccer team. "It's a phrase used to describe the best-looking guy in the room, the kind that ladies find irresistible."

Bogosse was such an appropriate name, being that it's a menswear company that makes high quality tailored shirts in beautiful eye-catching colors and prints that aren't gaudy. I love the vintage 50's/ Miami Vice/ European vibe these shirts have, with the contrast stitching, satin trim detailing and caribbean palette.

Bogosse has an impressive list of supporters like: Jamie Fox, Samuel L. Jackson, Tony Parker, Ryan Seacrest and Usher.
TV personality, Ryan Seacrest wearing Bogosse.

The naturally dapper brothers' travels and experiences clearly inspired their journey into fashion. Patrick and Fabrice, were raised comfortably in the Delmas 83 community in Haiti, by hard-working parents who operated a successful import/export business.

At the age of 16, older brother Patrick, a youth soccer prodigy, moved to Brussels to play professionally and study business at Belgium's European University College. Shortly after he graduated, he had a brief stint playing soccer for the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers before starting successful freight shipping company Tarimex.

Fabrice who's Bogosse's creative director, moved to Miami at age 13, eventually heading to the European University de Paris.
Fabrice was working in Paris as the head sales rep and distribution supervisor for Emporio Armani to retailers in France and the French Caribbean when Patrick decided it was time to try his passion for fashion. Patrick approached younger brother Fabrice, who was totally supportive and the rest is history!

Ladies keep an eye out for their women's collection!!

Visit www.bogosse.com to find their international locations.

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