Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Hammer Time in Silicon Valley for

Former rapper MC Hammer a.k.a Stanley Burrell, has danced himself into a new career as co-founder and chief strategy officer of

The Web site, scheduled to debut in mid-January, attempting to upstage YouTube and become the Internet's hub for sharing and watching dance videos. DanceJam aims to make money by grabbing a piece of the rapidly growing Internet advertising market, which is expected to rake in $27.5 billion in 2008, according to eMarketer.

Hammer's comeback in DanceJam is due to his technological savvy, said Ron Conway, a longtime Silicon Valley investor who is part of a small group that provided DanceJam with $1 million in startup funds.

"I expect him to integrate all his knowledge into this Web site," said Conway, who befriended Hammer at a baseball game seven years ago and has been tutoring him in the ways of technology ever since. "He is the lightning rod for this whole thing."

Hammer, 45, garnered interest in Silicon Valley while he was still selling millions of records. Back in the day, he hoped to learn more about how technology might help his music career by hanging out at computer makers like Silicon Graphics Inc. and Apple Inc.

Hammer says,"There is no high-tech lingo or business strategy that you can talk that is above my head."
Go Hammer, Go Hammer, Go!!!

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