Thursday, January 31, 2008

Barack Obama Inspired Lenny Kravitz's "Love Revolution"

During Kravitz's recent interview with Rolling Stones, he spoke on how Obama's message of hope, change, communication and cleaning up the American image, inspired his new album. Rockstar, Lenny Kravitz releases his latest album "It's Time for a Love Revolution" on February 5th.

Many music critics, including Rolling Stones magazine have given his "Love Revolution" outstanding reviews. Critics describe it as Kravitz's best album yet and having a vintage 1960's/ classic rock/ soul vibe with a postive message.
Lenny is one of my favorites and I listened to his new album and I concur, it's sounds really good. I'm digging his hippy vibe, America's current political climate is definitely on his mind.

To hear more about what Kravitz thinks about Barack Obama, America's state of mind and love, click here to listen to Kravitz's interview with Rolling Stones. Watch his live performance below.

I can't help but wonder if Lenny's declaration of celibacy served as an inspiration as well. He's a rock legend living part-time in Miami Beach where celibacy isn't that easy. Just a thought.

Lenny performing album title "It's Time for a Love Revolution" at Cow Palace.

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I like Lenny's new song. Nice post.