Friday, February 1, 2008

We're the Majority

(Photo: James Van der Zee)

February is Black History Month in the US, but everyday Society Noir recognizes black history. Sometimes people question why Black History Month is necessary. It's necessary because the American education system barely includes it in the curriculum, if at all. Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of how much of an asset blacks are and have been, to society. Blacks have contributed hundreds of inventions, many of which we use everyday and/or need to live, such as: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams who gave the world the first successful open-heart surgery.

Everyday someone in the African diaspora contributes to history in a positive way. Mainstream media doesn't report positive black news nearly enough. Society Noir strives to acknowledge those that the mainstream media chooses to ignore.

It's wonderful to see black people all over the world doing well. Society Noir is positively overwhelmed by all the great things blacks are doing in this era. Many of you out there are presently making history or in the process of it. Big or small accomplishments, its all good. You're making your people proud and Society Noir wants to be the one to speak on it.

Remember we are not a minority, we're the majority!!
The root word of minority is minor. The definition for minor is: lesser, as in size, extent, or importance, or being or noting the lesser of two; having low rank, status, position; not serious.
I'm sorry to whoever labeled us as such, but black people don't fit that definition. We are very significant and are a massive group of people in this world. So, the next time someone refers to the African diaspora as a minority, be sure to educate them.


The photo above is from one of my favorite photographers, James Van der Zee. He was an African-American photographer whose portraits of Black New Yorkers chronicled the historical Harlem Renaissance.

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