Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama Dominates the Potomac!

Wow! I'm really excited about the high possibility of Barack Obama becoming President. I was thrilled last night to see that marquee scrolling across tv declaring Obama a victor in the Potomac region of the USA. Obama literally dominated! The Illinois senator won DC, Maryland and Virginia. Obama leads the delegate race with 1,224 to Clinton's 1,198. I'm clearly supporting Obama for the presidency. Don't get me wrong , Hillary Clinton has potential, but Obama is the best choice. Why?? Because Barack Obama makes the right decisions at the right time, Hillary doesn't! Obama made decisions including, voting against the Iraq war, when his decision was very unpopular. That's what America needs right now a President smart enough to make the right decision at the right time and on the first time! I could go on all day long about why he's the best candidate, that's just a taste. Anyhow, enjoy the YouTube video of his victory speech in Madison, Wisconsin.

Obama Margins for Potomac Primaries:
Washinton, DC: 75%
Virginia: 64%

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