Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Flashes: Debra Hill, Kenneth & Kathryn Chenault @ Jay Z & Lebron's 2nd Annual 2 Kings Dinner

Jay Z with Kathryn & Kenneth Chenault

Savannah Brinson & Lebron James

Jay Z with Debra Hill

Beyonce and Gabrielle Union

This weekend was the NBA Allstar games in New Orleans. Jay Z and Lebron James threw their Doublemint sponsored 2nd Annual 2 Kings dinner and stars, socialites and movers and shakers of the black came out in support. Of course, Jay's better half Beyonce was in the house along with Gabrielle Union, Spike Lee and numerous music industry and NBA insiders. But corporate heavyweights Kathryn and Kenneth Chenault (CEO of American Express), internet mogul,Mark Cuban and Debra Hill of BET were also on the scene.

Great to see people bringing much needed attention to New Orleans.


Tina said...

Every looks fab, I love Bey's shoes.

Atl's finest said...

Lebron looking sexy in that suit.