Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Color of Change.org and the Congressional Black Caucus

As everyone has probably heard by now, the 800 superdelegates play a major role in who will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. Well, we have the Congressional Black Caucus who's throwing a major monkey wrench into this situation because many of them plan to vote against who their districts voted for, which is Barack Obama.

ColorofChange.org which was very instrumental in bringing Jena 6 to national attention, has sent out the email I copied and pasted below. Please have a look:

Dear Friend,

Voters in places like Atlanta, Brooklyn, St. Louis, and Inglewood have made clear their choice for president: Barack Obama. So why are some members of the Congressional Black Caucus threatening to use their power as "superdelegates" to undermine those votes and nominate Hillary Clinton?

Voters should decide elections--not politicians. And members of the Congressional Black Caucus should amplify the political voice of their constituents, not silence it. I've joined ColorOfChange.org in demanding that the CBC to listen to the voters; let's tell them to vote with the people, not against us:


Voters in almost all the districts represented by the CBC have chosen Obama, helping him win more delegates than Clinton. But only some delegates vote based on the results of primaries. A fifth of the delegates that will vote at the convention -- and decide the nomination -- are "superdelegates" that can technically vote however they like, regardless of what the voters say. These super-delegates are members of Congress, senators, governors and Democratic party insiders. In a contest this close, they have the power to overturn the will of voters, and decide the outcome.

In 2000 and 2004, CBC members stood up to defend the rights of Black voters that had been disenfranchised. It would be a disgrace for its members to now undermine the votes of Black people in their districts. Rarely have Black voters across the country been so unified behind a particular candidate; if CBC members vote against their constituents, it will diminish the power of Black voters in a historic election that could result in our country's first Black president.

It will take courage and conviction for CBC members to break with back-room politics and stand up for democracy. But we must demand it. Please join us:



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gingerbaby350 said...

To the tune of unfortune
there will never be any true
democracy... we are all on stage and the game remains the same, only the players change.
Look up the word democracy (the root) of what it really means.

Just say your prayers, and each one do what they feel is the right thing to do. Trust in the Creator. (Not in Man)Its already been written in the Revelations.

If Obama is to be the man with the plan, NO ONE will stop him!