Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Organs for Sale?

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article this week about the recurring debate of selling organs, in particular, kidneys. They highlight two physicians who are embroiled in this debate. Dr. Arthur Matas is campaigning for support to pass a bill legalizing kidney sales. His friend, Dr. Francis Delmonico who's opposed to it, is campaigning to make sure the bill that then- Rep. Al Gore introduced into legislation banning the sale of organs in 1983, stays in effect.

There are many pros and cons to selling kidneys. There are currently 75,000 patients on the waiting list, only 10,500 deceased-donor kidneys were received last year. Unfortunately, about 4,400 people died before they received one. So, I can understand how there are people who would support this, but there are some ethical questions that come into play here. Would the low-income or poor citizens be the donor target market? What about the black market? I'm just not confident that the government can regulate this successfully.

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