Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Africa Channel Wants to Dispel Stereotypes

Unfortunately, when the average American thinks of Africa, visions of poverty, famished children, AIDS and violence pops into their minds. Well, The Africa Channel aspires to dispel all of these negative African stereotypes. A native from Zimbabwe, James Makawa is the CEO and co-founder of the African Channel. "The whole idea is that it comes to you from an African perspective, which has been missing from so much news coverage and, yes, entertainment related to Africa," Makawa told Reuters.

The Africa Channel's target audience are those unfamiliar with African culture, but getting support from American cable providers has become a serious challenge for The Africa Channel. Located in North Hollywood California, they made it on air in Atlanta, New Orleans, Ireland and the UK but currently only reach an estimated 2 million homes in the USA through Comcast and Cox cable providers. Nearly 80% of the channel is entertainment dedicated with an African viewpoint( soap operas, reality shows, music, events, travel/lifestyle series etc). All of it family-friendly and in English.

Please contact your local cable provider and request The Africa Channel. It's about time the world sees Africa in a different light.

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