Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt's Modern Day Revolution is Demanding Change

Keep a watchful eye on the ongoing protests, a  Modern Day Revolution in Egypt. Protesters have taken to the streets to protest the rule of President Muburak, whom they consider a dictator.

There comes a time when people simply become fed up with being mistreated, abused, taken for granted and/or disrespected. At some point, one has to stand up for his or her self and DEMAND change; whether it's from a mate, family member or the government.

Americans can actually learn something from these Egyptian civilians. Modern-day American's are hoping and asking for change, instead of DEMANDING change (I'll touch on this in a later post) like the Egyptians and Tunisians are.

I hope people of other African nations on the Great Continent and beyond who are under dictatorships and/or oppression rise up and demand change and fair treatment.

We can all dream... Can't we?


Stay Aware by watching the Al Jazeera live stream of the current events:click here

or here on LiveStation for live streams from other various foriegn media channels.

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