Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Flashes: 27 Dresses Gala in UK

Keisha Buchanan and Amelle Berrabah

Danielle Lloyd and Mica Paris

Beverley Knight

The "27 Dresses" Gala Screening in Aid of the Lavender Trust was held Tuesday in London at the Apollo. The Gala was held in support of the breast cancer fund, The Lavender Trust.

British stars including R&B singer,Beverley Knight, Keisha Buchanan and Amelle Berrabah of pop group Sugarbabes, along with model Danielle Lloyd and crooner Mica Paris supported the important cause.

Lavender Trust is the only fund in the UK committed to addressing particular needs and concerns of women under the age of 50 who are diagnosed with breast cancer. There are 8000 women under-50 years of age who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the U.K.

Every March the Lavender Trust holds Lavender Week to raise awareness of issues facing younger women with breast cancer and to raise funding for Breast Cancer Care's services for younger women.

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30090 said...

Keisha has such beautiful complexion, pretty girl.